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02/11/2011, 00:51
trovato su facebook.................nella bacheca di Ron Anderson : Ron Anderson
Very nice and clean looking detail on pin stripping. Old school and still looks good today
http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/849/31660129415787061075610.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/21/31660129415787061075610.jpg/)
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di: Aurelio Anselmo Papi
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A Lino Deceuninck, Lenard Otto e altri 2 piace questo elemento.

Luca Pratali Oh my God!
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Ron Anderson Is this not a clean looking car?
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Luca Pratali No no it is awesome. My ohmygod was about the fact that you Mr Ron Anderson piece of vw shene history were making a compliment to that car! This thing is awesome!
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Aurelio Anselmo Papi Hello Ron, Luca, and 'my best friend, has seen the birth of "Made in Italy" with me. I am very happy that you like my gasser, I also like yours. thanks
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Aurelio Anselmo Papi to be precise, and white 'metalflake but you do not see in the picture
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Bill Harmon The picture doesn't do the car justice, I saw Made In Italy at E.B.I. 4. The car looks great!
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Ron Anderson Metal flake or not this car would fit right in with us and race hard back in the 70's.can't wait to see it in euro BUG-IN 2013, I will be there God willing. Thanks for being a fan of our old car. We really didn' know what we were making at that time. we just loved the sport and met a lot of wonderful people racing. As we are a so called VW Racing family that we still see and talk to each other all the time here in the So Cal. If you have never been over here you need to come for two reasons. 1) our BUG-IN and the legens party the night before plus the tour of many speed shops open house and BBQs.2)you really need to visit the Schley's musem all about the history of the old gassers and the cars on display. If you know the OTTO BROS.talk to them about the day before a BUG -IN here. At the Schley's musem and our legen's party you can talk and have whoever you want autograph anything you have to sign for free. We still have a good time.Oh one more thing , Thank you for being such a good fan of us but we are the same as all of you. Enjoy all that you can. keep a scrap book about yourself on everythingabout you. later on you can look back and see what you have done in racing. Thats what we all have done. Did you get a chance to look at the old first Lighting bug. That car looks just like the real one.
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Ron Anderson Well you all have a good day and enjoy racing. Hope to see you here in the U.S april 28&29 2012 for the legens party's and the Bug in. Please let me know if you will be coming. I would be an honor to take you around over here. As I am more less retired now and don't work anymore.SOOOoooooo COME ON DOWN and LETS HAVE SOME FUN. What do you say.
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Ron Anderson Here is my E-Mail andersonbros2011@hotmail.com love to here from you.
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Aurelio Anselmo Papi Thank you Ron and Bill, I am honoured about your invitation to be there in sunny California but whenever Italy is so nice it remain toomuch far from you. it will be a dream to come there and race with my car and if i will be able to do this i will not ask more in my life.
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Luca Pratali Ron, Aurelio is like a big brother for me and i had saw Made in Italy in it's born. I was in great events like EBI 4 and Volksworld show with him too and gave Aurelio support in language tranlations. It would be a great if he will be able to come and bring his gasser in Cali and race side by side those historic vw dragrace cars.
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Luca Pratali We met Otto Bros too and talked about their californian tour and how much good time they had, we also saw those online pictures and actually we are dreaming about all that nice places and BBQ friendly events. Maybe sometime it will happen to be there.......
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Ron Anderson It would be great to have your car over here with all of the cars we now have here. I think it cost a lot of money to ship your car over here. but if it would be possible i am sure the Schley's would love to put your car on display in the museum. How mch fun would that be for you. You can talk to Keith Seume or Russell Richey about the cast for shipping your car.
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Luca Pratali Ron, Aurelio had met Russell and Keith at EBI4 and had raced against his great Italy I, It would be nice if he will help us to bring Made in Italy overseas and made that dream come true. We will get in thouch with him and Kobus Cantraine too and see.
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Aurelio Anselmo Papi ron, it would be all great and wonderful, including the "Made in Italy" displayed in the museum Schley, but honest I do not think I can support the economic expenditure. the journey is too much. even if the dream is in my heart.
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03/11/2011, 07:31
Ron Anderson I have been told, to bring a car over here to visit cost a lot of money. I couldn't even get me a ticket to come over for your last BUG IN. So I understand. A ticket for us to come over there is $1800.00 Plus food and a place to stay. I just lost my job just before your BUG IN and I didn't know how my money was going to work out for life in general so I stayed home. I really do understand your problem.
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Aurelio Anselmo Papi the problem is not the ticket, but carry the "Made in Italy ".........
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Ron Anderson Talk to russell maybe you can put it in with some opf his cars. Maybe a little cheper I don't know.
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Aurelio Anselmo Papi ok.............thanks
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Aurelio Anselmo Papi I thought, you also speak with russell, maybe there is a good solution. russell personally know but I think you have more 'influence me.
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Ron Anderson WE would be honored just to have you over with or without your car. If you bring some family over with you. My wife and I will take you all to the happest place on earth Disneyland at no cost for you to get in.
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Ron Anderson One more thing, I have a 18" flat bed trailor and a 25" toy box trailor to help with all your tranportation needs. From the ship to the museum and to the races. I am sure your car will fit in my toy box trailor. Get to go to the races and have your own potty and bed to lay down if need be. All the comfert of home at the races. I am at your service and just here to help anyway I can. Good day.
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Aurelio Anselmo Papi thanks ron, you are a fantastic person. I appreciate both your interest and your availability. I come with my wife and my daughter, my wife is a teacher, I hope that his work is okay. shake hands with you it would be an honor. The great thing would be to bring with me the "Made in Italy" to see a strip of California would be the maximum. I thought, the organization of the event, has the ability to help me with this?
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